Polish Food

Is possible to find a Polish Food in Dubai?

Yes ! Thats right ! Polish Food Truck Zapiekanka which means casserole is in Dubai and yes we love it and for Dubai comunity is an exotic food. The locals got a taste of their specialities.

Zapiekanka the Polish take away in Dubai is based in : Downtown Eats - Downtown Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates here is the map so it will be easier for you to get there.

What Food they serve in Downtown Eats?

They serve traditional Bigos, casseroles, dumplings, borscht, and pickled cucumbers - you can eat Polish cuisine at the foot of the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building and a symbol of Dubai. The popularity of the Polish pub is so great that even the pandemic was not able to stop the business.

So just imagine that this Pub, Restaurant, take away all in one.

In front of the Dubai Mall, at the foot of the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, a Polish bistro stands out. A large sign with the words "Zapiekanka made in Poland" hangs on the red container.

Polish Food in Dubai

Polish Food in Dubai

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Polish Casseroles in Dubai

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How did you find out there is Polish Food in Dubai?

I noticed this place for the first time after the party, probably in 2017. I was looking for a place to eat something. I look, rub my eyes in amazement, I can't believe it is written in Polish: ZAPIEKANKA casserole ... - says Anna, who Travel to Dubai very often for business.

She met more Poles over there and she find out that Zapiekanka in Dubai is a great place to meet Polish People from Dubai.

Opinions about this take away are divided but like every other restaurant is never 100% exact in your taste always you will find a fusy person.

Some Polish cuisine are very soecial and you need to have a Polish taste to try them and like them for example pickled cucumbers if you give this cucumbers to a English person it will be a funny experience ... if you dont believe just try, other people say that prices are very low for this tasty food.

But almost everyone knows this place and has eaten here at least once.

Usually is the best place after party when you will get fast serving and full amount of callories.

Does in the Polish Food Truck they only serve casseroles?

You can check this video of the famous Polish vloger Paweł Gołdych and see that they have many choice of Polish Food there.

In the restaurant "Zapiekanka " not only casseroles are served. The menu includes borscht, bigos, sausage and pickled cucumbers. The business is run by Olimpia Siwik. She comes from Masuria, from Mrągowo. In the 2nd year of high school, she went to her family in Montreal and settled in Canada.

How Did Olimpia came to Dubai? and how she start her journey until she opened her Food Truck in Dubai City?

hmmm How Olimpia came to Dubai and how she opened Restaurant business Polish Food Track in this lovely City?

She came to Dubai over 20 years ago to visit her boyfriend,at this time he was working as an engineer in the Arab Emirates on a contract. Dubai hooked her. She stayed, the boyfriend returned to Canada. First she worked in a hotel, then she had her own real estate office. It was going great, but the crisis in 2008 forced her to change industries. In the meantime, she got married and started a family. It was then that the idea was born to get a food truck from Canada.

- I had a food truck, which I treated like a camper, and I traveled with my family around Canada. Due to the fact that it was no longer used, I decided to bring it to Dubai and turn it into a mobile kitchen - says Olimpia Siwik.

-Wow that was a really sentimental. thats what we answered

What Did she sell in the Polish Restaurant Food Truck Zapiekanka?

She was selling fries and wings from the food truck. The offer quickly gained popularity in Dubai as having take away in Dubai and walk around this beautiful City is a great experience

and Olimpia was invited to all concerts and major events in the city, including Formula 1 races. - We decided to bring another food truck. Many friends asked me to serve Polish cuisine. Hence the idea for the Zapiekanka, which is considered to be the first Polish fast food in Dubai - says Olimpia.

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